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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build apps for OTT platforms like Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Playstation and Xbox?

We have built Campfyre specifically to make it easier for content owners looking to expand beyond PCs and mobile devices and into the world of OTT platforms. We’ve worked with publishers for over a decade providing solutions for video and audio. So, when one of our clients wanted to distribute their content on Roku, we realized that we could help publishers stream content to other set top boxed and internet enabled devices without the need for a completely custom build every time.

Similar to how WordPress makes it easier for publishers to launch websites, Campfyre makes it easier for publisher to launch channel apps to stream media. We currently support Roku and Amazon FireTV, and hope to have support for other OTT platforms soon.

Can you tell me more about programmatic advertising?

Most publishers take a “set-it-and-forget-it” approach to filling their advertising inventory, resulting in poor ad yield. On the other hand, advertisers are looking for ways to optimize their ad spend and reach targeted audiences.

By helping our publishers report better first-party data, we help connect them with advertisers who are looking to reach their specific audiences at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

Schedule a consult with us, and we can help you understand how to increase your ad revenue, or make your ad spend more effective.

Do you build websites?

Our team focuses on enterprise web solutions and custom web development. We typically build websites as part of a larger content delivery effort, a marketing campaign,  a digital catalogue, user portal, etc…

An initial conversation is always free, so we’re happy to ascertain whether we are the right fit for your project needs. If we discover we are not, we will be happy to point you in the right direction and provide some helpful tips and criteria for selecting the right company.

Can you help us develop a shopping cart?

Certainly. We have experience setting up E-commerce solutions with a number of shopping carts including Woocommerce and Shopify utilizing Paypal, Stripe and Authorize.net as payment gateways.

We can aid in developing strategies for conversion rate optimization through analytics, A/B testing, and user experience research.

Can you help us build a mobile app?

Apps can be built in different ways for different platforms. For instance, apps that run on mobile devices can either be built natively or through web methodologies. Building natively means that you use the coding language that is “native” to the operating system (Java for Android and Objective C for iOS) and has the upside of better performance to using a web-based solution.

Web-based solutions are more portable, and eliminate the need to develop different codebases . While we have worked with other teams to help build native mobile applications, our internal team primarily focuses on web-based technology.

Do you do SEO?

Many clients approach us thinking that you can buy “Search Engine Optimization,” like it’s an add-on to building a website. Ranking high in search engines requires an ongoing effort guided by a digital marketing strategy. We utilize industry standard design and development techniques to ensure your site is best optimized for future success.

We have aided companies in speeding up their content delivery and page speeds, improving site visitor’s user experience through better usability, leveraging their social media to build better traffic, as well as creating engaging content to increase user engagement- all of which contribute to improving their domain ranking.

In addition, we also have specialized expertise in keyword buying and other ad-based strategies.

How much does ___________ cost ?

Every project is unique and we can only provide an estimate after a meeting or two to determine the full scope of your project. We do not charge to provide an estimate, however, complex projects may require an engagement fee to allow us to fully examine and research your project needs.

What can you do to help us increase our site traffic?

We start by completing a complete audit and analysis of your digital media outlets including your site and social media accounts. At the same time we research your market, competitors and any previous or ongoing deployed campaigns and strategies. Combining research with analytical data, we help plot a roadmap to help increase your site visitation.

Based on your specific needs and objectives as well as your resources and budget, we will recommend and assist a combination of keyword buying, building quality backlinks, content marketing, social media and marketing campaigns.

How can I make more ad revenue?

If you have established consistent site traffic, the next step is adjusting ad network configurations to help maximize ad revenue. We’ve built a toolsets that combine multiple techniques including header-bidding and machine learning to help publishers make more cash.

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with publishers and site owners to help manage and optimize their ad technologies, often resulting in increases of income by 50% or more.

Can you help us convert our site to a new technology?

Many times clients come with us having built a site utilizing technology that is no longer supported, fails to meet all their needs, is inefficient to maintain moving forward, or was left incomplete.

Our team has worked with a wide range of code stacks and is skilled in database migration and site-scraping methodologies. We routinely convert and extend APIs and strive to build semantic, scalable code, and to set our clients for future success.

What can be done to decrease our bounce rate?

There may be a number of factors contributing to why visitors might land on a page in your website and then leave. The first thing we recommend to do is to ensure your site has been properly tested using a tool like Sitebeam and then thoroughly test your site across multiple browsers and devices using a tool like Browserstack. Combine this with insights gleamed from Google Analytics to build theories around why visitors might be exiting your site.

Common issues include page load speeds, content mismatching the visitor expectation, lack of quality visitors and poor content layout. Our team can provide assistance in tackling all issues impacting your user engagement.

What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization techniques attempt to increase the frequency with which visitors perform desired actions on your sit. If you have a sales funnel, products, or want visitors to perform a call-to-action such as filling out a contact form, it is essential to employ CRO to make the most out of your web traffic.

We can help set up tools to both better measure your site visitation and engagement as well as strategically explore improvements and enhancements. Clients are often surprised to discover how changes in color, wording, and layout can result in drastic improvements in conversion.

Can you help us enhance our Wix or Squarespace site?

Site-builders like Wix and Squarespace are great ways to get your digital presence out quickly and also help to save money if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do some of the work yourself.

But if your site requires custom functionality, we typically avoid these technologies as we often find ourselves handicapped in making the configurations that would otherwise be much easier building from scratch or utilizing another site-builder or content management system.

We prefer to utilize WordPress due to its incredible extensibility. Our team is capable of customizing themes, building themes from scratch, and has built plugins and complete solutions utilizing WordPress. We also have extensive experience with ASP and utilize DNN as a CMS for Windows-based servers.

Is it possible to _________ ?

More often than not the answer is ‘yes.’

Whether or not something is possible – is the most frequently asked question we receive in client meetings. The determining factor is time, money, and resources. We are experienced in devising multiple solutions at different price points and varying timelines so that we can meet your business’ budget and needs.